Habitat for Humanity of Omaha

Roof & Repair Program Overview and Application Process

The Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Roof & Repair program was introduced in the beginning of 2009. The goal of this program is to help current homeowner occupants restore lost value in their homes and improve the fabric of their neighborhoods. Eligibility requirements for the Roof & Repair program are: you must own your home, meet certain income guidelines, have an existing problem with your house and live in Douglas County. You do not have to be the owner of a Habitat home.

Roofing for Habitat Omaha
Photo by James Nedresky

Once accepted into the program experienced, reputable and fully insured contractors will present bids for the project. Thirty-year laminate style shingles will be used and are available in a variety of colors. Along with replacement of any deteriorated roof members, gutters and downspouts, other home repairs that affect the quality of the roof will be made as needed. All work meets or exceeds current city codes. The Roof and Repair program has expanded its scope of work to include windows, entry and storm doors, siding, front and rear porches, decks, retaining walls, concrete walkways and driveways.

Partner Families are issued a no-interest loan for the cost of the repairs by Habitat Omaha, on which they will make monthly payments based on their ability to pay. Roof & Repair partners are strongly encouraged to volunteer with Habitat Omaha as part of their partnership. Volunteer opportunities are available on the construction site, at Habitat ReStore locations and in the office.

If you are interested in applying download a 2014 Roof & Repair Application. If you have more questions or would like to pick up an application contact Lula Plater-Smith, Family Services Outreach Coordinator, at (402) 884-3746 or lplatersmith@habitatomaha.org. Return completed applications to Habitat Omaha, 1701 N 24th Street, Omaha, NE 68110.

Roof & Repair Home Photos  

RR_Existing_Conditions_2009_thumb.jpg RR_Tyree_Removal_2009_thumb.jpg RR_Tyree_Install_2009_thumb.jpg
Roof and Repair home before updates. A house during the repair process. A completed Roof and Repair house.